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And other frequently asked questions.

What ticket categories are available?

Standard ticket 1640 SEK/person
Ticket includes show, four-course Mediterranean menu, a welcome ouzo, after party & cloak-room fee. Beverages not included.

Nikos Party Package 2190 SEK/person
Nikos Party Package includes everything that is included in a standard ticket and a separate VIP entrance at the venue, seating in the centre of events* at the taverna. On arrival you will be greeted by our tour guides and served a festive welcome drink in Nikos’ Lounge, and perhaps a little surprise awaits here.

Combination Ticket Mamma Mia! The Party + ABBA The Museum
Nikos Party Package + ABBA The Museum
Both ticket categories above can be purchased as a combination ticket, which also includes entrance to ABBA The Museum. The museum can be visited the day before, on the same day, or the day as Mamma Mia! The Party. No prebooking of Museum necessary.

Regular ticket + ABBA The Museum entrance 1790 SEK
Nikos Party Package + ABBA The Museum entrance 2340 SEK

When purchasing tickets on, you have the option to add a cancellation insurance.

*Certain tables placed in the center of events will be transformed into dance podiums in the finale of the show. Guests in all categories can be placed at these tables, but primarily those with Nikos Party Package.

We are a large group, how do we make a booking?

If you are a group of 16 people or more, please contact

We booked our tickets separately, how can we sit together?

Send your booking numbers to, and we will do our best to seat your parties together.

What is the running time of the party?

The experience lasts approximately four hours but the party often continues. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

At our day parties starting at 13.00 on Saturdays, you can stay and dance until approximately 18.00.


When should I arrive?

On your ticket you will find information about the recommended arrival time to the party. A few days before your visit you will receive a welcome email with a greeting from the taverna owner Nikos. The email is sent to the email address provided at the time of purchase via Ticketmaster. If you bought your ticket as a part of a package or via a secondary market, we do not have any contact details to you.

What is there to eat?

Classic meze followed by delicious fish and meat dishes, ending with a delightful dessert.

The menu is served as a table buffet in bowls and on platters that are shared with the entire table. The a look at the menu.

Please inform the restaurant at if you require special dietary considerations, no later than one week before your visit. Please state your booking number, date and time of visit and the name in which the booking is made.

All seats at Nikos taverna include a menu. The menu is included in the ticket price.

What is there to drink?

There is a wide selection of beverages available, including wine, beer, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options. Beverages are not included in the ticket price and can be ordered and paid for on-site.

All beverages are handled by Gröna Lund and Tyrol. For more information about pre-ordering beverages and suggestion of drink packages for companies and larger groups, please contact the restaurant at:


How are guest seated?

Just like a restaurant, here at Mamma Mia! The Party you just give your name to the host on arrival and you will be directed to your table. Your table is allocated before you arrive and cannot be altered when you arrive. The table placement is based on the booking number order in each ticket category. Some seats in the taverna will be transformed into dance podiums in the finale of the show.

If you have two or more parties/booking numbers in the same ticket category and wish to sit together, please notify us at no later than one week before your visit.

Larger parties may be seated at two or more tables, but naturally they will be placed next to each other.

At the taverna, you might be seated with other parties.

Is there a cloakroom?

There sure is, and it’s free of charge! We strongly advise you to use the cloakroom due to fire safety regulations

Please note that the cloakroom space is very limited.

Can I bring a bag?

Due to the Police Authority’s decision on bag restrictions at major events on 1 November 2023.

Tyrol and Gröna Lund are currently not affected by the new bag restrictions at major events, but we ask guests to avoid bringing bigger bags to the venue. Carry-on bags may be checked on site.

By helping each other, we together create safe and pleasant experiences for both guests and staff. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

What language is used?

At Mamma Mia! The Party, ABBA’s songs are performed in the original language, English. The dialogue is in Swedish.

Is it the same show as before?

Yes, but with some minor changes.

What is a Familjefest?

Our Familjefest (Family party) is the same show, but with a slightly adapted menu and reduced sound level so that children from 8 years old can come along!

Children’s tickets for those between 8-15 years are available for purchase. Small children (babies included) will unfortunately have stay at home. From the age of 16, you purchase a ticket at the regular price.

All guests at the party need to have their own ticket and everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

The family parties are available on selected dates, currently on March 17 and April 28.

What is the age limit?

You must be at least 13 years old to attend our regular parties. Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by a guardian. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. Age may need to be verified upon request with an ID such as a passport, ID card, or personal ID.

From time to time we also have family parties, where the age limit is 8 years. The sound level is slightly reduced at these parties.

Is it possible to purchase merchandise?

Merchandise is available for purchase in our souvenir shop inside the taverna, next to the cloakroom. It is also possible to add a selection of merch items together with your ticket. Your pre-orderd merch will be delivered to your seat upon arrival at the party.

Can I take photos during the party?

Yes! You can use your mobile phone to capture the special moments throughout. Unfortunately, we cannot allow flash photography or filming.

Share your holiday pictures while at the party and be sure to tag our Facebook and Instagram pages @MammaMiaTheParty or use the hashtag #MammaMiaTheParty.

How do I get to Tyrol?

Tyrol is part of Gröna Lund. Tyrol has its entrance to the left of Gröna Lund’s main entrance, with the address Allmänna gränd 3, 115 21 Stockholm. Learn more about how to get to Tyrol.

Can I pay with cash at Tyrol?

Tyrol will not accept cash payment, only card payment is accepted.

Disability access?

Please note that you need to purchase a wheelchair ticket so that Tyrol can prepare a suitable table on the ground floor. Any accompanying person will also need to purchase a ticket but will only pay for the meal. To book a wheelchair spot in the regular ticket category, please contact Ticketmaster’s accessibility line at 0776 70 77 77. For other questions, contact us at

Mamma Mia! The Party has access to a hearing loop system called ‘Phonak Roger’. Individual receivers for the system can be picked up at the cloakroom. The device is hung around the neck, the hearing aid is then placed in T-position. The receiver is returned when going home.

I have purchased a ticket that includes a visit to ABBA The Museum, how does it work?

The museum can be visited the day before, on the same day, or the day after the party. Just show your combination ticket for Mamma Mia! The Party and ABBA The Museum upon arrival for entrance registration. For entrance during regular opening hours, no pre-booking is required. A visit to the museum takes approximately 2 hours.

Visit ABBA The Museum’s website for opening hours.

Which hotel packages do you recommend?

We recommend Nö for packages that include accommodation and tickets to the party.

Lost property?

Did you forget something when you left the taverna? Just contact Tyrol at Gröna Lund, phone number: +46 10-708 70 00, Mon-Fri during working hours.

Any other questions?

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us at

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